Yanek Iontef

Visual Communication Design
Award for a senior designer

Typographer and letter designer Yanek Iontef was born in 1963 and graduated from the Visual Communication department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in 1989. His work combines historic type research with a continuous dialogue with contemporary design values, designing and developing original Hebrew and Latin fonts.
Over a series of typographic projects, he collected rare materials from different periods in the evolution of the Hebrew script, letterpress printing and typesetting catalogues, research books from Israel and abroad about the Hebrew script, in addition to obtaining archives and rare materials from the collections of senior Hebrew letter designers, such as Henry Friedlander and Zvi Narkiss.
Iontef used these materials to design numerous renewed and novel Hebrew and Latin font families, which are available through his independent type foundry Fontef, founded in 1994.

Iontef is a recipient of the 2022 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award for Senior Visual Communication Designers.