Esther Knobel

Textile, Fashion & Jewelry Design
Award for a senior designer

“My work grows in relation to conceptual movements that have influenced the field of jewelry making since the beginning of the 20th century, and while listening to the state of continuous unease characterizing the relationship between the meaning of art and craft.”
Esther Knobel is a renowned, award-winning jewelry designer whose works are exhibited all over the world. She has a bachelor’s degree in jewelry design from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and a master’s degree from the Royal College of Art in London. Her work is positioned around the perimeter, in between disciplines, “free” art versus “applied” art. She puts herself in meeting points between control and lack of control and the unknown, disrupting traditional techniques and inventing do-it-yourself-type techniques.

Knobel is a recipient of the 2022 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award for Senior Fashion, Textile, and Jewelry Designers.