Ayal Zakin

Visual Communication Design
Emerging Designer Award

“Design education is the key to creating social change and building bridges between the various groups in our society. I am convinced that we, as human beings and as designers, have a socio-cultural responsibility to actively use our tools and operate in the Israeli space, in order to impact the political and social reality in which we live".

Independent graphic designer Ayal Zakin specializes in design for art, culture and academia. Born in 1985, Zakin is a graduate of the Visual Communication department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and for the past three years has been a faculty member at the department and at Bezalel’s Haredi Branch, teaching typography design. Zakin focuses on complex typography and loves designing text-rich print projects, develop complex graphic languages, and build story-telling sequences from images.

Zakin is a recipient of the 2022 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award for Emerging Visual Communication Designers.

The jury panel’s decision:
״Ayal Zakin presents a rich and diverse scope of work in a distinct, original, restrained, and high-quality personal language. His experimental daring and professional gravity are evident in his work as a young independent designer, expressing depth alongside an impressive versatility. His work yields rich products that celebrate graphic design in its various channels at the highest levels.

Ayal creates intelligent and fascinating images, and wisely connects image, text, and format. His works show exceptional mastery in handling complex typographic products, which he sensitively and subtly weaves into a complete visual body of work. As a young designer, Zakin has been active in the field of visual communication for a just a few years, during which he has accomplished significant professional achievements. His work processes and the products they lead to comprise an impressive commitment to the discipline of visual communication.

In light of these achievements and out of confidence in his future work, the jury panel chose Ayal Zakin as winner in the Emerging Designer category of the 2020 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award in the field of Visual Communication״.

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