Aharon Genish

Textile, Fashion & Jewelry Design
Emerging Designer Award

“To integrate a work of art and a piece of clothing is to embody the deep contrast between human herd instinct and the idiosyncrasies of the individual. Gender boundaries are blurred through oversized silhouettes, tailored suits, and dresses that reinterpret the body’s curves and edges, classic menswear transforms into women’s clothing and vice versa".

Fashion designer Aharon Genish is a graduate of the Fashion Design department at NB Haifa School of Design and the owner of the Genish fashion label, which he founded in 2019. Raised in the Haredi city of Bnei Brak, Genish left his ultra-Orthodox community to join the secular world when he reached adulthood. His design work is influenced by the confined spaces of his boyhood, the yeshivas, and the study of the Torah and rabbinic literature, all of which he transports into a space of innovation of personal interpretation.

Genish is a recipients of the 2022 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award for Emerging Fashion, Textile, and Jewelry Designers.


The jury panel’s decision:

The Edmond de Rothschild Design Award is granted to Aharon Genish, for showcasing a remarkable and original body of work. His creations already articulate a distinct and impressive personal style at a young age, challenging conventional definitions of beauty and ugliness, while blurring the line between refined and grotesque.

Genish addresses highly sensitive and complex subjects with commendable courage and intelligence, managing to infuse unexpected beauty and elegance into his works. With humor and creativity, Genish produces highly localized garments deeply rooted in surrounding social and political complexities, appearing as fragments from another place or time. The tension between reality and fiction tells a captivating and engaging story, expressed uniquely in every medium with which the designer engages.

Aharon Genish has been recognized by the judging panel as an example of the promising future of Israeli fashion, earning him the 2022 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award in Textile, Fashion, and Jewelry Design, in the category of Emerging Designer".