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Roee Magdassi

“I enjoy exploring the relationships between people and the objects that surround them in casual everyday moments, and aspire to create practical designs with a strong and personal character, desirable, and chock-full of fun. Products that can make us smile.”
Designer Roee Magdassi is a graduate of the Bezalel Department of Industrial Design and owner of an independent design studio that mainly designs furniture. His work is characterized by simple shapes, minimalism, and vivid colors. Through these, he explores the relations between everyday objects and the people with whom they cohabit. He aims to create practical products that nevertheless have “character,” inspired by nature, architecture and people themselves. Magdassi chooses to design mundane objects, the kind we have around us all the time. This moment, this understanding, opened up an intriguing space in which the designer works to connect with others at the most unexpected junctures.

Magdassi was nominated for the 2021 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award for Emerging Product Designers.
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