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Nadav Shalev

Product & Object Design

“Work in the studio prioritizes the content produced by clients, the artists and writers, over imposing a distinct style. By allowing images and texts to establish their own intent and influence, each project is constructed with the use of subtle aesthetics, with color, typography, as well as diverse types of paper and other materials playing a central role in the process of developing the final object; sympathetic, delicate, yet seductive.”

The director of a graphic and type design studio since 2004, Nadav Shalev specializes in cultural, artistic, and literary contexts and in a wide range of printed and digital formats. From artists’ books and catalogs, through posters, maps, websites, and exhibition spaces. Since 2016, the studio has been an affiliate of the Gallagher & Associates international exhibition design firm in a range of projects, including the construction of the new ANU – Museum of the Jewish People, as well as the design of Singapore’s new National Gallery and a variety of other projects.

Shalv was nominated for the 2022 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award for Senior Visual Communication Designers.
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