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Naama Agassi

Product & Object Design

“I treat design as a language: Every project I produce functions as a short story, which I tell with the tools I have. My work begins with an idea or a message, which leads me through the creative process. The final product will express the guiding idea, not necessarily directly and roughly stitched – but as a metaphor, a reference, or a humorous wink.”
Independent product designer lecturer Naama Agassi holds a bachelor’s degree from Holon Institute of Technology and a master’s degree in design from Design Academy Eindhoven, the Netherlands. She is currently an industrial design lecturer at SCE – Shamoon College of Engineering, which brings together engineering, technology and design.
Agassi uses design tools to create a story, which starts with an idea or a message and guides the creative process. The tools she uses include image, movement, texture, color, and manipulation of materials or production technologies. She believes that design has the power to beautify what is considered unappealing, to revamp the familiar into something new and make the obvious surprising.

Agassi was nominated for of the 2021 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award for Emerging Product Designers.
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