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Keren and Golan Gafni

Product & Object Design

Designers Keren and Golan Gafni, owners of an independent graphic design studio and a couple, graduated with distinction from the department of Visual Communication at Holon Institute of Technology. Their work is characterized by the deconstruction and close study of the content designed, accompanied by spectacular use of printmaking techniques that support the concept and visibility of the project. They steer their work towards culture, society, and education. And also plenty of food—culinary books that they treat as rich compilations of culture, history, taste, and aesthetics.

As people, and as designers, they initiate non-profit projects that they believe can make a social or cultural contribution. They strive to engage in projects they deem worthy and essential—even when their budgets are nearly impossible.

Kerena and Golan Gafni were nominated for the 2020 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award for Senior Visual Communication Designers.
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