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Itay Noy

Textile,Fashion & Jewerly Design

“I believe that a good designer is responsible for the fruits of his creation and through them, for enlightening the public. We live in a world overcrowded in redundant products that may exacerbate ecological problems and worker exploitation in vulnerable countries. I made the decision to create timepieces in limited editions and high-quality materials that will endure in the distant future and will be a kind of time capsule, an artifact from the past providing a glimpse of the era in which we live today and in which I create.”

Noy fell in love with what he refers to as “the object with a beating heart worn on a wrist” at the age of 22, and has been designing timepieces ever since. In 2005 he established his independent watchmaker studio in Jaffa, designing and manufacturing limited editions of timepieces for watch collectors and connoisseurs. He is one of a select group of independent timepiece makers, only a few dozen of whom are active tthroughout the world, while the vast majority of high-quality watches are today produced for big brands, which have huge development and advertising budgets.

Noy was nominated for the 2022 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award for Senior Fashion, Textile, and Jewelry Designers.

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