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Batia Wang

Textile,Fashion & Jewerly Design

“I create volumetric bodies and treat their surfaces. My material is 18 carat gold or 24 carat pure gold, and design for me is a language that has evolved over the years, a language whose rules cannot be formulated verbally. In my work, the object/jewel emerges from the material and into the idea.”

Wang owns a studio for gold jewelry design, manufacturing, and export. She views design as a different reading of reality, an observation from a different angle, unfolding and finding its expression in three-dimensional objects. She explores and practices the concept of metalworking, the Hebrew word for which evokes both volume and smithcraft. Creating sculptures and copper or brass silverware in blacksmithing techniques is a centuries-old tradition, but is not the norm in goldsmithing work.

Wang was nominated for the 2022 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award for senior fashion, textile, and jewelry designers.
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