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City Peloton

Product & Object Design

Anat and Ilan Behrman, an architect by training and a graduate of Hamidrasha Art College, respectively, founded the City Peloton studio in 2011. They position their works in public spaces in such a way as to stand out, stimulate, evoke reactions, create an urban occurrence, and encourage interaction between strangers. Their design seeks to integrate itself into the urban environment, to draw interest but also to relate to its unique location and social context. They strive to produce good design even for temporary spatial elements, although limited at times by budgetary and time constraints, out of their recognition of the importance of good design that effects what is right for the city, for its inhabitants, for the community. For people.

Anat and Ilan Behrman were nominated for the 2021 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award for Senior Product Designers.
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