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Alex Padwa

Product & Object Design

“Products are like people. They have their own stories, characters and souls, and like people, they all deserve their own faces, to express their individual personalities and virtues. Everyone can be creative. You don't have to be a designer to come up with a great idea or even a concept, for a new product. But no one but a good designer is capable of translating a concept into a three-dimensional coherent and useful object. This object should respect a whole range of constraints and needs, while being aesthetically meaningful, different from the others, fresh and distinct, and emanate the right personality".

Born 1956, Prof. Alex Padwa is an industrial designer specializing in the design of vehicles, medical equipment, and complex systems. A senior lecturer at Shenkar’s Department of Industrial Design and its master's degree program in design. He holds a master degree from Royal College of Art, London. Since 2004, leads an independent design studio bearing his name.
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