Talia Mukmel - פרס אדמונד דה רוטשילד לעיצוב

Talia Mukmel


Product Design

Talia Mukmel (born 1985) is a multidisciplinary designer and creator. Her works engage in a dialogue between practices from the world of industry and those of various crafts, and move along the range spanning crafts, object design, research, and art.

“The body of my work consists of sculptural objects and installations that blend modern and traditional production processes that express the cultural dichotomy in which I grew up. The silent history of my extended family and life in a complex socio-cultural environment define the space of research and creation within which I search for a local and personal identity.”

The jury panel’s decision:

“The Edmond de Rothschild Design Award for Product Design is granted to Talia Mukmel, who presents a unique approach to object design and research. The body of her works at such an early career stage is impressive for its quality; depth; and conceptual, esthetic, and material diversity.

The committee found great value in Mukmel’s works, which epitomize a very local aesthetic that succeeds, at the same time, to be relevant to universal contexts without losing its character. In the various projects she presented, Talia Mukmel explores the local culture and industry with precision and intrepidity, and expanded the field of product design.

Mukmel’s investigative works are characterized by creative freedom and a spectacular weaving of the traditional and the futuristic, and walk the fine line between product design and close disciplines, thereby enabling and exploration of the present and the contemporary in object design. Great respect for crafts, the industry, materials, and objects is evident in her works, alongside the cast doubt and a practical investigation of the role of designers in the coming decades.

In the local product design arena, Talia Mukmel is an intriguing, exciting, and welcome presence. In recognition of her outstanding work and with faith in her future endeavors, the 2021 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award for Product Design, in the Emerging Designer category, is bestowed upon Talia Mukmel.”