Dar Laor - פרס אדמונד דה רוטשילד לעיצוב

Dar Laor


Visual Communication Design

Dar Laor was born in 1988 and graduated in 2015 from the Department of Visual Communication, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. After finishing her studies, she worked at ReLevant Studio, and in 2017, founded an independent studio bearing her name.

As a freelance designer, Dar Laor specializes in design and branding in the fields of culture, society, education, and community, and her studio is an exclusive service provider for the National Library’s Department of Culture and Education. Other clients include the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, the Musrara School of Art, Hanina Gallery, Iggy (LGBTQ youth organization ), the Prime Minister’s Office, and others.

Dar undertakes intelligent, enduring, and complicated projects that require research and expansion, and make it possible to reach fascinating conclusions and ideas and complex design products.

“I realized that I actually find it more interesting to be the ‘thinking’ mind behind the design project, rather than just the ‘drawing’ hand or the ‘observing’ eye.”

The jury panel’s decision:

Designer Dar Laor presents a distinct professional identity that is formulating an original, contemporary, and local perspective. Her work is characterized by a wealth of photographed, styled, and typographical images of top quality. She successfully and wisely manages to distinguish between the need for color, which has an intense presence in her works, and the monochromatic solutions she produces with great talent.

In her works, she very sensitively deciphers the environment in which she operates, and offers intriguing solutions that give the viewer a multi-layered visual and communication experience. Dar relies on classic characteristics of graphic design and local historical contexts, and experiences them with praiseworthy creative freedom.

The encounter with her works in the spaces in which she is active, whether in commercial or cultural contexts, is a powerful experience that leaves a mark on the observer. Her presence in the local graphic design arena is intriguing, welcome, and promising.

In recognition of the quality of her work and with confidence in her future endeavors, the jury panel chose Dar Laor as winner in the Emerging Designer category of the 2020 Edmond de Rothschild Design Award in the field of Visual Communication.