About the Award

The Edmond de Rothschild Design Award was established in 2019 with a profound mission: to celebrate excellence, nurture diversity, and inspire fresh waves of creativity within the local design field. Every year, the jury committee will award two established designers and two emerging designers prizes of a total of 260,000 NIS.

Edmond De Rothschild Foundation

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation works to create a just, cohesive and collaborative Israeli society, and spearheads far-reaching processes of social change aimed at promoting excellence, diversity and leadership through higher education.
In continuing its more than 140 years of philanthropic legacy, the Foundation fulfills the Rothschild family's long-standing commitment to the pioneering spirit of the State of Israel and invests in agents of change and the advancement of its new pioneers.
The Foundation initiates dozens of innovative projects throughout the country aimed at reducing the gaps in society and fostering young leadership. It operates in areas of higher education to maximize employment, leadership, academic excellence, the arts and impact-entrepreneurship.
The Foundation is committed to empowering, connecting, advancing and nurturing the various groups that make up Israeli society and believes that the mosaic of identities in Israeli society is a valuable opportunity to develop a rich and vibrant fabric of life that through diversity and partnership can give rise to a healthy and progressive society in which the common good is strengthened, and that by deepening human values, expanding knowledge and striving for excellence, Israel can build a cohesive and prosperous society.
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